PLUS ONE film 2019

From Executive producer Ben Stiller. Everyone has (or will) hit the point in their life where their friends up and decide to get married, seemingly all at once. For Alice and Ben, that time has come, except they’re still on the sidelines, waiting for their turn. So in order to survive a summer of wedding fever, longtime single friends, Ben and Alice, agree to be each other’s +1 at every wedding they’ve been invited to. Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award.

Playtime: 98 minutes
Production country / language: USA / English
Production year: 2019
Director(s): Jeff Chan, Andrew Rhymer
Producer(s): Greg Beauchamp, Jeff Chan, Deborah Liebling, Jeremy Reitz, Andrew Rhymer, Ross Putman, Ben Stiller
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Cast: Maya Erskine, Jack Quaid, Ed Begley Jr.

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