Tom Schreiber makes his directorial debut with this dark drama, produced by Wim Wenders’ production company Road Movies.

The disturbing tale revolves around a lonely man, Roman (Christoph Bach), who moves to Cologne to work as a draftsman and be near his dying grandmother (Hannelore Lubeck). The hedonistic Carnival is in full swing when he arrives, fraying his already limited grasp on reality. After witnessing a savage revenge attack on a thief, he throws caution to the wind, takes a girl home, but wakes to find her gone. Time is deliberately scrambled, with his grandmother’s senility adding to his disorientation and descent into madness.

Playtime: 93 minutes
Production country / language: Germany / German
Production year: 2003
Director(s): Tom Schreiber
Producer(s): Wim Wenders, Ute Schneider
Genre: Drama
Cast: Christoph Bach, Victoria Deutschmann, Hannelore Lübeck

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