Tusind Timer


”Tusind timer” handler om sangerinden Anna, der er sidst i tyverne og har et band sammen med guitaristen Thomas. De er kun venner, plejer de at sige, men da bandets trommeslager dør, forandres alt. Thomas tager på turné med en mere etableret musiker og Anna står tilbage med et band, der er ved at gå i opløsning. Hun tager konsekvensen og udlever sin musikerdrøm ved at flytte til Berlin, og det er først der, langt senere, at hun og Thomas mødes igen, da han en dag pludselig dukker op i hendes kollektiv.
“Tusind timer” er en historie om identitet, om at tabe og at finde sig selv igen.

Dansk biopremiere d. 1 September!


Anna’s and Thomas’ bandmate was not supposed to die. And Anna was not supposed to kiss Thomas in the aftermath. Nor was she supposed to leave everything and move to Berlin. And Thomas was most certainly not supposed to just show up one day, when she’s gotten a new life and moved on. But music has its own way.
A Thousand Hours is the melodramatic and cinematic soundtrack of a dreaming, confused, lost and burning generation.

Danish theatrical release the 1st of September.

Playtime: 102 minutes
Production country / language: Denmark / Danish, English
Production year: 2022
Director(s): Carl Moberg
Producer(s): Carl Moberg, Morten Lindemann Olsen
Genre: Drama, Music
Cast: Josefine Tvermoes, Anders Manley, Alba August, Kenneth M Christensen, Jesper Lohmann, Hanne Hedelund, Anna Asp

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